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Grassa Gramma is a tribute to Italian heritage, and a  testament to the passion of its matriarch. 

 - Kevin Grangier | Owner

Grassa Gramma is a love letter that celebrates Nonna's status in her kitchen, and honors her unwavering commitment to family, food, and friends.

Grassa Gramma's menus exist as devotion and not revisionism.  Born of authenticity and driven by ingenuity, they reflect both northern and southern Italian heritages; thoughtful of local traditions and regional nuances.  

Under the direction of decorated chef Ragen Daly, Grassa Gramma's cuisine is composed of the best ingredients that can be sourced.  If it's fish, it's wild. If it's game or meat, it's organic or prime.  Produce comes from actual farmers; not simply farms.  It is local, when possible, and always selected for seasonal optimization.  

Grassa Gramma's chefs proudly go beyond their kitchens to participate in the guest experience.  They arrive early and they stay late to honor their commitment to delivering the most authentic Italian dishes in our region. 






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